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Spaced Out LP

[ MCR023 ]
Press: 500


The Ketamines - Spaced Out LP (MCR023)

500 Copies (100 Green - Mammoth Cave // 100 Blue - Southpaw Records // 300 Black) - IF YOU ARE ORDERING FROM THE USA, PLEASE ORDER HERE:

1. Teenage Rebellion Time

2. 1 Yr

3. Midnight Dawn

4. Ketamine Babies

5. Skin Trade

6. Kill Me Now, Please

7. Evil Intentions

8. Spaced Out

9. No Grand Design

10. The Runaround

Being reincarnated as the evil union between seminal Lethbridge, Alberta garage bands Endangered Ape and Myelin Sheaths is not a bad thing. If anything, Paul Lawton and James Leroy’s newest and most accessible collaboration to date is a welcome break from the usual too-serious landscape of the current garage-punk scene. Instead of struggling to the top of the heap via cheap imitation, Lawton and Leroy have put a unique spin on psych, pop and surf-music and claimed it for their own.

Getting early support from Chicago label HoZac records with their smash single “Line by Line”, the Ketamines are now anticipating the March 2012 release of their full length LP “Spaced Out” which will be co-released on Alberta label Mammoth Cave Recording Co. and Oakland, California’s white-hot Southpaw Records. Currently delighting audiences with drunken antics and spaced out jams across North America as a three-piece (with Myelin Sheaths Martine Ménard on Bass and Fist City’s Ryan Grieve on drums), the Ketamines are heading in to the final year on the Mayan calendar with confidence that is just beginning.

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