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Savvy Show Stoppers

[ MCC001 ]
Press: 1000

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - "Savvy Show Stoppers" Deluxe Reissue (1000 Press) 

Mammoth Cave Recording Company is proud to release the first in a series of reissues of the Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet catalogue.

Remastered from the original tapes and presented on deluxe 180-gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve, featuring new artwork by Shadowy Men's Don Pyle himself.

Featuring such classics as the Having An Average Weekend (The Kids In the Hall Theme), Zombie Compromise and Shadowy Countdown. 18 classic hits, don't miss out!


Comes With Download Code.


1. Good Cop Bad Cop 2. Musical Interlude 3. Theme From T.V. 4. Zombie Compromise 5. Malfunction 6. Shake Some Evil 7. You Spin Me Round '86 8. Vibrolux Deluxe (Previously unreleased) 9. Run Chicken Run 10. Bennett Cerf 11. Egypt Texas 12. Customized 13. Our Weapons Are Useless 14. Shadowy Countdown 15. Harlem By The Sea 16. Having An Average Weekend


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